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Angry Family Bump VS Aliens – War that give $50,000 cash!


That’s the amount of prize money to be won and I’m going to do all my best to win it. Who wouldn’t want $25,000 cash in their hands just by simply playing a game? And it does help that I’m having a wonderful time playing the game as well. It is just the sort of game that really excites me. I never get bored playing it to be frank.

img_01The game tells the story of an alien invasion and the Brown family who are up in arms against the entire horde of alien army. Each member of the family has their own unique superpower. It’s up to us to fully utilize them and defeat the alien onslaught. All this is done with a slingshot aimed at the aliens. We took aim at the aliens and control the direction of the fire and subsequent power if available.

You will then be rewarded with 1 or 2 or 3 stars as well as points depending on how well you did on that particular level. This is where the actual challenge lies.
I have no problem completing all levels, but to get the highest number of points really makes me at times. But as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.It took me so many tries to get up to 3 stars, and then subsequently higher scores.

-018-22As long as you are patient enough, then you should be rewarded dearly. The feeling of getting the high scores is really wonderful especially after trying so many times. I sometimes scream out loud or jump for joy once I got a very high score.

I was never bored with the different environment and settings of each level which brings about new experience in each level. And you will only get better and better after each try.
I highly recommend you to give Angry Family a try. It is suitable for everybody and it’s for all ages, so go ahead and get yours now. And need I remind to you again on the cash prizes?
$50,000 IN CASH TO BE WON!!!  Click below and download the game to join the cash prize competition